Thursday, March 03, 2011

Stricly Biz

I made a stamp of my logo a while back and needed to make business cards because I go to a lot of high powered meetings with oil tycoons and investment thieves in the big city. They are quadruple matt laminated on 400gsm oak with Spot UV and Process and cost £9000 for 100.

I figured if I could draw them and then stamp the details on the back it would be easier getting them printed. I could only find a blue ink for the stamp that looked too bright so i painted over it a bit.

That diamond mine isn't going to buy itself.


Sancho the oil barron said...

I bid 500 rubles!

Elph said...

Hey Sancho!
I'm still due you a drawing mister, I'll get you emailed just now so let me know if you get it and I can get that picture in the post. Will stick some extra doodles with my new print thing too.