Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1133 - Recoat April

I've been pretty slack with getting this out. Next month, pretty much a month from now. I have an exhibition at Recoat in Glasgow. it's called 1133, I'd like to to pretend it's for some deep and meaningful reason but really it's because it's 2011 and am now aged 33. There is a tune called 'Falling Down Blues' by Furry Lewis that was a B side on release 1133 from Vocalion and I was going to call the show that, but it's a bit wino.

So it will be a mix of small scale gouache paintings, a little bit of wall painting, photography and some crude attempts at sculpture. I hope to have a small zine for sale too with sketches in, a bit like the BW book I did a while back. Possibly I'll do some limited edition prints, but that really depends on how much painting I get done between now and then, I still have a fair amount to go!

I'll post up some more info over the next week or so. Free Booze obviously.

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