Thursday, January 27, 2011

All the old Fonts

Over a lengthy period - where often I lose enthusiasm as kerning and resizing of typefaces is pretty dull - I have been updating all the fonts I've made. Also finally getting around to making a few that never got finished. The software has improved a lot so that's a bonus.
A lot of them had missing characters and punctuation as they were mostly made for title purposes, so I'll add all them and also sort out some kerning problems too.
Might not happen tomorrow, but I'll post each updated version here and post links of where they are available for download.
There should be a around 15 or so which isn't too shabbers,
The image above is of a font I made called Aulden Times, when I made it I didn't know how to import the shapes properly to Fontographer so all the letters were at different scales, this will be fixed in the new version.


Panda said...

Can't wait for these man, I have been using your chubba font for my mates club night posters I design

The added punctuation will be great as i have had to muck about and use parts from other fonts sometimes

Look forward to seeing what other fonts you have created

Elph said...

Cheers Panda, it might be a while for some of them as it's kindo in my spare time, but I'm aiming to do maybe 1 a month or so, hopefully will get more out than that, but it really depends on time.