Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Comic Test

This was just a play around in Flash to try do something like a comic, the buttons at the top control it, it was some old code that can move a movie around the X and Y via button clicks. I found some of the code on a forum and reworked it, you can download it here. It's a Flash CS3 file. With a bit of tinkering I made a version that can move the clip on the X and Y and also scale it. Have a wee look here.
I know you can do it now in HTML 5 and it's all exciting and whatnot, but I only learned Flash because the programmers I knew couldn't do what we were asking them to.


sancho said...

awesome hehe
these are my exact feelings on the social networks.
I would have had it say "I don't even want to talk to you in reality" though.

Elph said...

Yep Sancho, I think for social networks you have to be 'social'. I also don't actually do enough to warrant being on them.

inua said...

love the simplicity.