Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gamma Proforma GP2010 Tour with Absolut

A collision of music, graphic art and great nights in stunning venues. A one off opportunity to experience a creative 360 event.

Each exhibition begins with an exclusive launch party featuring Gamma Proforma DJs, graphic art and ABSOLUT cocktails. There's also a free GP2010 CD for all party attendees!

12 works from Syd Mead, 123Klan, Paul Pope, Phil Ashcroft, Elph, Simon Page, Nobumasa Takahashi, Rob Swain, Rhys Owens, Jared Nickerson, Alex Varanese and Christopher St. Leger will feature. In addition two of the series artists will collaborate to create an additional ’Lucky Thirteen’ piece commissioned by ABSOLUT for selected venues. If you miss the party you can still catch the exhibition during the following week at each venue.

There's more info and links to each event over here. Or on the Gamma Proforma Facebook page.

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matty said...

sweeeeeeeeet il be sure not to miss this in the burgh. bosh