Friday, October 22, 2010

Melbourne - Data loss

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My photos from Melbourne are actually pretty poor, mostly I was painting in the gallery and on the day I managed to get out and do some painting my batteries ran out, bonus. there is now a lightbox feature on here so you can view the photos above as a set without the pop-ups that usually happen. Geek ooooooot.
It was great to see the Everfresh studio, also cheers to Meggs for the tin o paint.
What I was pretty impressed with in Melbourne was how much folk get done, seemed like everywhere I went people were making great stuff, the first night I hung out with a friend of Ghostpatrol & Miso, who made animations called Tristan Jalleh, who made some bugged oot stuff. The second night i was invited to a leaving dinner for Timba Smits, graphic design machine who was heading away, hosted by his friends from Just Another Agency, along with the styling TwoOne and many more folks. I also ran into Drypnz there who was over to exhibit and paint at the Sweet Streets Festival.

It was quite a lot to take in, with so many folk having such high outputs it was pretty inspiring. Sutu (whom I mentioned below) explained his work rate of 16 hour days for weeks on end doing his comics and it was pretty mad, luckily he'd just finished a project so was able to hang out.

After the opening I had the chance to paint with one of my favourite Aussie writers, my camera broke that day so sadly have no photos.

I managed a fair bit in a week, mostly due to the Backwoods folks looking after me so well with Ghostpatrol and Miso showing me the sights.
All photos from the show are able to be viewed here.

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