Friday, September 03, 2010

God Loves a Drunk

Click for biggie smalls little toes on fire
"O God loves a drunk, the lowest of men
With the dogs in the street and the pigs in the pen
But a drunk's only trying to get free of his body
And soar like an eagle high up there in heaven
His shouts and his curses are just hymns and praises
To kick-start his mind now and then
O God loves a drunk, come raise up your glasses, amen"
Hae a listen, I heard it after Ralph Steadman recommended it on an old Inkstuds Podcast.
The tune was originally written by Richard Thompson, but I'm pretty into Norma Waterson's voice.


Gregor said...

Nice line work!

Gregor said...


I just read the poem.

It's interesting that the Buddha and the drunk have the same intention.

To free the spirit within and transcend to a higher place.
Although, the Buddha looks within in order to do this but the drunk must first look within the whiskey bottle!