Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Act Natural

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The other day I was waiting on a friend at a local shopping area and saw the most bizarre drug-dependant ballet ever, a group of desperate dancers, obviously low on the fuel for Failli were trying to act like they were not setting up the deal of the century. It was like watching drunk people try to do things quietly whilst smashing things to pieces.
Best not say where or when in case they might read this whilst surfing the web on their home entertainment flat-screen system chilling in their Polo pyjamas with the central heating system pumping even though it's the summer.
Drawn with Feltpen/Sharpies.


SANCHO TEE said...

capitano jings said...

Yep Sancho, if only they were as energetic as the wee man, they are more like the old Night of the Living Dead speed zombies.