Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Poo Monster

Click for bigaaaaaaaaaaaaargh
Recently my son rocked an accidental poo in the bath, they are a pain to clean up, so in a bid to stop future bath logs, I said that it would become a 'Poo Monster' that would eat his toes. It had the wrong effect and for a week he would either outright refuse to go in the bath or get very upset when in the water, thinking his toes would be eaten up by a floating jobbie. Kids eh?


SANCHO TEE said...

hah, my grandmother used to use the word "jobbie", never heard anybody else say it.

capitano jings said...

Sancho, your gran wasn't Scottish was she?
Here's an old Billy Connely sketch on Jobbies:

I think it's a pretty Scottish saying, I have no idea why it means what it means. Sounds funny though he he.

Mr said...

man my eldest's heid is filled with all sorts of nonsense now, some my fault some his own, no 3 yr old should watch the nightmare before christmas 4 times a week.

lyken louvre said...

Your parental skills are fine, in my day I would have been made to eat it.