Thursday, April 08, 2010

New Tattoo Design

Click image for the full glory
Probably the two most requested images to paint at workshops over the years have been the Bob Marley Smoking a Joint and the Alien on tha Decks (also smoking a mad joint). I love them both so much I've combined them into a tattoo design that I want to have forever on my back. A mad Bob Marley Alien smoking 5 joints on Tupacs bike. As I did flyer design for 4 years I have drawn enough Technics turntables to last a lifetime so they have been omitted.

Of course I'm joking, it's hard to try and tell a 12 year old that an alien on the decks is about one of the shittest ideas you could ever have, maybe in the 90's when everyone was ectoed up, it might have seemed cool, but not now, some 15 years later. Bob Marley, I liked when I was 12 too, not for mad Hash Jesus reasons, just because I quite liked his music. Anyway, he's now a Biggie/Tupac type mad gangster hash smoker type guy according to the youth of Scotland, he also pure smoked aboot a million joints a day.

If anyone is interested in making a line of tshirts for sale only at sunday markets that deal in cheap dvds, knives, fake tracksuits/Pringle gear, chipping Playstations and selling the ever cool Cocacaine tshirt or the Smoke Hash and Fly tshirt or other jailbat rubbish, be sure to get in touch, I'm sure wee Davey would look 'the taes' in a Bob Marley Alien tshirt.

I'm glad I got that off my chest and onto my back.


SANCHO TEE said...

pretty sweet man, has anybody else gotten some of your stuff tatted on them? I've considered getting the word "tattoo" tattooed on my arm so whenever look at it ill laugh

capitano jings said...

Nope Sancho, not as far as I know, I have had a few requests, but was always scared the design wouldn't age well, maybe now I'd be more happy to do it.
I dunno about the tattoo tattoo, that could be a regrettable one!
My mate got the bull from Guernica done, really small, just the linework, that's one of the best simple tattoos I've seen:
Still thinking about the Alien Bob Marley though!
Is that a phenomenon in New York too?

SANCHO TEE said...

what phenomenon?

I don't think I would ever be able to decide on a design I'd want permanently on myself. part of the reason I never came up with anything to "write" was.

that picasso bull is pretty sweet, I know someone with a jeremiah the innocent tat that looks sweet

I'd say go with something simple so when you get old the wrinkles wont fuck up the details. but it'd be on your back so who cares

I know a girl who is a photographer and got a tattoo of a solid black box on her arm, it had something to do with cameras but it just looks pretty stupid...

should add a forum on your site for discussions on shit like this

Mr said...

i'd get that tattoo'd on my moobs, but there's no room no after getting 'gabba thugz 4 life' over my whole upper body, maybe get it as a tramp stamp but.

Gregor said...

Haw Haw!!

This has the braw-ness awright!!

Love it!!

Omin said...

This is great! Totally understandable...any workshop I've done the customary bob Marley/hashleaf/tupac requests are rife. Your combination ticks all the boxes! Hehe... Love your work/ graffiti etc.... Omin.

Anonymous said...

go to bill hooper on elm roll... he the tattoo daddy