Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cap'n America on a Dinosaur Thing

Click for da biggles
This will probably mess with continuity, although it could possibly be an alternate universe, where it's okay to be riding dinosaur like cartoons. Cap America was never a favourite comic character of mine, but I though it would be funny to draw.
Watched American Splendor last night, super good. Dunno why I missed that one.


Gregor said...

You only just got around to watching "American Splendor"?

Jings-o! Bonus movie or what?

I liked Toby!!

"Nooo Harvey, you CAN'T have any of my burger. I'm driving to Delaware tonight and this has to tide me over until THEN!!"

capitano jings said...

Yeah man! 'Genuuwiiiine Nurd'.
A defo instant fave, Harvey Pekar is my new favourite grumpy hero.

Anonymous said...

fuck, I have two copies of it as well, I will give you one nxt time Im through.

You know like a real live dvd, bought from an actual shop with a printed cover and everything, none of that downloaded shiz!

I got about as squiffy on thurs as you were monday. cocktail madness!!

Iain Laurie said...

It such an amazing film.We should do a comic like that after our Kukeri thing.Get Fraser to write it.Hes practically Harvey Pekar anyway:)