Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Looks a bit boxy.

Rodin better watch his back, I'm getting well good at sculpture.


SANCHO TEE said...

paper? I loved the taller ones you did with the masking tape, you probably could have got them to stand if you gave their legs some paper clip support. I just bought super cheap roseart knock off munny's from k-mart yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Haha this is fantastic! Would love to see more of your 3D work.

Iain Laurie said...

Brilliant.I need to make one of mone of my things.

capitano jings said...

Cheers folks,
This was a prototype for some work I've been doing with some kids, they were doing designs last night for one's about 1 metre high, so hopefully I can post up the images soon. Some of the ideas they had were mad.
Iain, I have the template so will email you it.

Iain Laurie said...

Email it over!