Thursday, February 11, 2010

Light Doodles

Click pic for lager beer
I know, I know, it's been done a million times and is so 'mobile phone ad from 2007', but I just worked out how to do it with my camera, weirdly enough by reading the instructions. It's 5 images overlayed as each pic was only 15 seconds.


Anonymous said...

looks badass, you need to get one of those rigged in fireworks form for hogmannay!

lyken love said...

Next you'll be pulling string through fencing,
or painting triangles.

capitano jings said...

Lyken. Just wait, I ordered the wool last week, and have been making triangle stencils all day.

lyken love said...

lets make wooly fence triangles.!!

beta said...

thats really cool man.
I actually got called the other day and asked if i did graffiti knitting!
No joke!