Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Headsup Screensaver

Click image to view Flash animation (52k)
I made a small random animation, like the one's I've posted before, this one just moves between 4 heads and some text, it's pretty basic. You can download the swf, mac osx screensaver installer and a pc exe file version of it here.
I tried to create a pc version of it on my mac, all I could do was create the animation for PC format, so don't blame me if it blows up your machine. If by any chance you download it please leave a comment on whether or not it worked, for research purposes! I might make some more so it would be good to know.
More geekery soon.
Also here's a version of the same thing with drawings by a group I've been working with, just some super fast line drawings they did, I liked the outcome.


SANCHO TEE said...

sweet! what happened to that unfinished game?

Anonymous said...

works tickity boo an my macintosh, well cool.

See Kirtsy is in Juxtapoz.

capitano jings said...

Bonus folks, good to know it works.
Sancho, the game has been shelved at the mo, but will get back to it soon I hope.

Also Lyken, that's mad aboot Kirsty, her work is getting super bugged out now and the colours rule.