Saturday, February 06, 2010


Time. This is a wee drawing from the site, wished I did more stuff like this mixing graphics with drawings, hopefully can get into a bit more this year now the site has finally been conquered. It will remain here, until it launches, sometime in March, all the stuff on the home page is working now, and the links actually go places, the portfolio sections are still being made, but the lettering part in PAINTING works how the rest will. Everything will change a little before it goes live as I get feedback.
On a different note, LOST is back on, and this year it ends, who reckons Jacob is now Sayid? Yeah ahm geeking oot.


SANCHO TEE said...

rad cat

capitano jings said...

Cheers Sancho!
He's Oscar my grumpy looking cat.

Iain Laurie said...

Im thinking he is Sayid.
What about Desmond on the plane???

capitano jings said...

Aye ah no man, is Desmond guiding them or something with his time travel powers? Mental eh?

Anonymous said...

this is amazing, love it :)