Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Hings

Recent doodles.
Been busy the last couple of weeks with the Recoat gang which has been great and super inspiring, been trying to get onto doing some new paintings straight away, slacked off a bit on painting last year, so hopefully can get a few done whilst it's still raining outside.
The L Seat drawing is an attempt to mix the characters with the new mechanical looking letters I've been doing.
Also some flicks from Recoat here.


SANCHO TEE said...

looking sweet!

by anychance did you get the email i sent today? Im not sure if it sent or not.

Mr said...

nice mister,

was gonna get back into doing more werk at the weekend, but did fack all instead.

was fun times in there doing the murial, but i keep shouting 'dirty feckers!' in a bad irish accent all the time, due to your louis walsh/jedward outburst.

gonna be thru in the burgh in a couple of weeks, will give you a shout.