Friday, January 08, 2010

Monster Cop

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Monster Cop was a comic I drew at primary school, (so maybe 1985ish), it's terrible, a mix of Ratfink, Robocop, ninja films and a lot of B-movie cop films. The main character looking like a monster was never explained, obviously it would be something toxic.
It was part of an exercise to get us to use BBC Micro Computers to write little story books, I did a little typing but ended up drawing the stories instead. I made Monster Cop 2 also, where he teams up with Robocop, which is a bit better, I never finished part 3 where he goes to 'Nam.

Will post more crap drawings soon. Notice the Robocop style letters that have recently made a comeback in graffiti.
Uzi's were the ultimate cool gun in the 80's obviously, apart from the Gatlin gun that Jesse Ventura had in predator.


senor alec thompson said...

ah so thats where roid got his steez from. seriously this is amazing. iya ray! genius

senor alec thompson said...

monster looking pretty camp when he says 'I'll get him!'

capitano jings said...

Yep I think that 'tops off' style definitely comes from 80's movies like Commando or Rambo. It also looks like he's wearing white leggings, who goes out like that?

Mieone said...


Your best work ever this is to good.

Iain Laurie said...

You should redraw it with the same script!

beta said...