Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Machine Ink

Clickles for biggles.
Been getting into using the brush pen I got for chrimbos, cheers missus Elph. I am a stationery geek, but the Pentel Brush Pen is a topper, it holds it's point really well and as you can see from the scale it can go really detailed.

Just over a week to go to the show at Pageant, still have a fair bit to do, Lyken made a tune which is tops, I just have to make a 2 level platform game by then, he he.


Anonymous said...

first of all i wanted to say i like your work and enjoy seeing your new work on your blog.Second and most bizarrely i was going to email you today about a good pen recommendation as im always trying to find a better one and then you post this,so no need for the question and i will give this one a go.Nice one.Thats all.
Cheers Simon

Mr said...

nice pen werk mister.

give us a holler about the other show stuff when you get a spare minute, sure you must be mad busy at the moment.

appy neu yars by the ways!

capitano jings said...

Heyup Simon,
I've only recently been using the brush pen, but I've heard a lot of illustrators and comic artists talk about using them, the line work is really free flowing too, plus so far it hasn't smudged.
Another one I've been using for a while now is this one: it's basically like a really fine biro, but it never gunks up like a normal Biro does, and is good for light shading.

sean23uk said...

nice pipes Elph ;)

sancho said...

you and your stationary items! i always thought biro's where a fancy kind of art pen the way i heard so many euro artist talk about them, but turns out there just bic's. same with tipex and emultion!