Thursday, January 21, 2010

Advanced Mechanics Exhibition images

Lyken made this wee film with the footage from the other night plus Still Photography from Mateos.

Musics: "Planky Planky" by Elph & "Advncd Mchncs "by Lyken Love.
Thanks to Ali, Amy, Anna, Chris, Claire & Jaimie.
Cool flickr sets of the night and the work courtesy of Mateos here & the Exhibition Curators, Recoat here:

Work available for sale here:


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I wish I was there to see it all. Any chance of having an Elph exhibition in London this year? :)

capitano jings said...

Hello Kimberly,
There is some plans to do an exhibition at some point much later in the year, but they are very sketchy at the moment, but hopefully with a bit more planning I can get down!