Thursday, December 31, 2009


Was doing some sketching for a painting for the show with Lyken and ended up spending half a day making a new holding page, possibly the reason why my site still isn't finished! It's giganto sized so you can't really see it all in one go.
Also check oot the Al Columbia interview on Inkstuds.
It's a bit early too, but have a Happy New Years, I'll be Tuborg'ed up so won't be near a computer til the new year.


sancho said...

the song in the opening of the interview is rad.
flash site always take long to load and lag up my computer :/

capitano jings said...

Hey Sancho!
Yeah I think the Inkstuds site keeps going down, it's a shame, sometimes when I'm getting into the podcasts they cut out out in the middle which is a bit of a pain. They have some really good folks on there though.

Anonymous said...

your mental.
You should do a show purely of holding pages!
Hppy Nu Yar