Friday, December 11, 2009

Ooter Space Land

This is just a sketch of a screensaver idea I had, the full version will be available at the show at Pageant, along with a tune that Lyken made and a small platform computer game, which I will have made in 3 weeks, no pressure likes.
I was happy enough with the music effects, but the movement isn't too good, it's hard to work out with Flash if your doing too much or too little, but after a few watches you usually work it oot. The big ship needs more animation and I think that will have more detail and possibly some moonbase type stuff in the far distance with flashing lights.
My mate Techno Dave will be helping me out with some proper space sound effects, he's better at music than me, obviously because his name is Techno Dave.
Geek on. Best viewed in full screen.


Anonymous said...

plinky, plonky, moonbase marvelous.

Inua said...

techno dave - conjurers up a brilliant character, thanks.