Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Advanced Mechanics - Pageant Show

With the help of recoat, myself and Lyken are putting together a show of some new space scifi stuff. I've been looking out intergalactical tractors and test piloting some moon vehicle sputnickens. Lyken has been producing beats that even will have ye jumping up onto a bed of chubby gnomes, or somethings.
I've also been trying to work out making some tshirts to go with this. All going to plan they'll be on sale opening night.
Lyken designed the flyer, I did the wee logo for Advanced Mechanics™, a giant mega-corp that makes spaceships and does biological research.


Iain said...

Whens this happening?

lyken love said...

Opening night 15th Jan.
Runs for a month afterwards.

Iain said...


Anonymous said...

nice one lads.

perhaps plan a wall after the event?

beep beep


lyken love said...

actual paint on an actual wall, not sure I remember how!

sounds like a top idea, round of the weekend nicely!