Thursday, November 26, 2009

Regis Loisel

I remember getting the first edition of the Peter Pan Regis Loisel had done in English, it was printed by a British company trying to put out BD books that later folded due to no interest. I was fascinated by the world that was being created, it was grubby often violent world, not like the fairy tale presented in the cartoon.
He was and still is a big influence on my style. This dude Harvey James is none too shabbers also.

I think his style reminds me of Bode and Moebius, which is a not a bad combo!
Also a new comic artist worth checking is Brandon Graham, his blog/site is pretty interesting, also his colour schemes are quite different too.

Pretty much these days I'm checking a lot of comics and animation stuff, being a visual addict, but looking at a lot of stuff makes me realise I don't draw enough, the possibility of making a comic with Ian Laurie in the future could hopefully sort that out, some drawing sessions lately have been pretty inspiring, but I think I need to step up my output a bit before I get started!

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Nora said...

Finally a COMPLETE English edition is coming out in May!!!! They are having the pre-ordering on this link -