Monday, September 28, 2009


Click for boogers
Been doodling some stuff, colours are a bit over saturated but you get the idea. Quite enjoy how easy the lines come with the gel pens, instant bright colour.


SANCHO TEE said...

i thought gel pens were only for 5th grade girls to take notes in, never thought of using them for drawing.

capitano jings said...

Yeap man, got a full set with metallic and glitter!
Pretty much drawing unicorns and my little ponies on the constant!

Anonymous said...

reckon this show has mutated your lettering style a bit, looking barry.
Is that a cheeky kgfx down the bottom?
speaking of noodles, I found a pot nodule in the cupboard yesterday, I was convinced there was no food at all bar some dry Spag. I cant begin to tell you how happy I was, I swear it actually pulsed & glowed. who would have thought instant snax could bring such joy.