Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rough Cut Nation Time Lapse

Timelapse by Richie Cumming, Music by Tut Vu Vu
Rough Cut Nation is shaping up pretty good, everyone's been putting in crazy hours and working hard, I wish I could have hung out more, all the work is pretty different too, but somehow jigsaws together fine. It's been good not using as much spraypaint, pretty much just the outline on my piece is done in spraypaint and the rest is emulsion.
The good thing about how long it's taken is the chance to layer up pieces on top of each other, and also to learn the process's of other artists and the thinking behind their work.
It open's Friday night and there's still a bit to go, so maybe a late night tonight, but I reckon it should look nuts.


SANCHO TEE said...

elph man elph,whats the matter!?! do you only have 3 shirts.every video i've seen of you your either wearing that terrance and Phillip one, the red striped one or that navy hoodie.
show looks awesome,must be great painting all over an entire gallery with a bunch of other artists.

i'll grab my bike and swim trunks and be there in a few days.

capitano jings said...

Hey Sancho, got the Terence N Philip on the day! Yep I pretty much have 3 painting outfits, after ruining so many clothes over the years it's best to keep a set you can completely ruin. Because no matter how much you think you won't get paint on your clothes you always do!
Last night the show was looking pretty mad, will post up some pics of it finished on saturday.

Gregor said...