Monday, August 10, 2009

Doodle Grow

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Not really enough sprites in this, too many crazy Groundskeeper Wullies, reckon if I get my Flash draw on a bit more it could turn into an interesting animated screensaver/print. I like random Flash stuff, but my brain can't handle the programming, it'd be good to hook up with someone who could code creative ideas. Animation here


SANCHO TEE said...

you can find a bunch of places that have copy and paste instructions for really simple actionscripts.a snowing one would work good,just replace the flakes the your sprites.
ought to make the sprites download able and see what people do with em

capitano jings said...

That might be an idea Sancho, maybe upload some sprites and see what happens, I'm going to try and make a screensaver in the week for download so I'll see after that. You can view the swf version over here, I saved it as low quality as it's a processor destroyer but right click it and you can choose better quality.