Tuesday, July 21, 2009

字体 機序

Click pic for jumbo desktop sized image
Been really geeking on the robot mechanised type stuff lately, It's a very random process, but it's also quite fluid and fast from roughs to completion. I've used similar images as digital sketches for real life paintings and it's been pretty interesting as a result, some have been resigned to the bin as a result. The image is made from video camera parts, reworked a few times.
Although it's completely unrelated I have been listening to a great podcast interview between the Sidebar guys and George Pratt, it's a really interesting look into his life and he talks in depth about his friendship with crazy good artists like Kent Williams and Barron Storey, it's only part one and can be downloaded here. Good for the early morning coffee wake up.


Gregor said...

Would be a mighty screensaver if you could animate the abstract images moving along the screen.

capitano jings said...

Yeah Gregor I was actually thinking of animating little moving parts to make a screensaver, reckon it wouldn't take too long to do either.