Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Advanced Mechanics - Haunted Graffiti

Click image for Desktop Sized Pic {1600x1000 pixels}
For the Haunted Graffiti show at Recoat, Lyken has been working over time designing and painting a bunch of canvas's with his satellite space letters, his method for making them is very particular and I've been trying to find a style that will compliment them. So I came up with the image above as a starting point, based off a 3d model that was distorted and turned into a mechanised weapon letter. What a load of gibberish I talk...
Pretty chuffed with the Advanced Mechanics logo, they are a company that produces robot mecha letters and hyper armour rocket machine gun weaponry, as you do.


Ektopia said...

Must be nice to be able to think "I'll just come up with a new twist to my style" and then for it to turn out as awesomely as ever!

lyken said...

fucking great!
looking forward to this.
loving the mekka steeez.

Bindustries heh, heh..