Thursday, April 23, 2009

Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition

Subway Art introduced a lot of people to graffiti writing, it was a view into a world unseen, when I found it I was sucked in straight away and wanted to paint immediately. From finding out more over the years there were writers who were important that were left out or not covered properly, but the fact that the book existed at all is amazing.
I suppose the greatest thing about it was finding out New York subway painting existed, and it gave you the gateway to find out more, after all you can't please everyone.


Gregor said...

Och aye, reminds me of my old days hangin oot in Harlem, back in the early eighties.

Daveybot said...

Crumbs, that book was everything to me and my friends back when we were 8 or so. Every afternoon we'd just sit there leafing through it, carefully studying every page, while BDP or Eric B & Rakim played in the background.

Might have to pick up a copy again.