Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Burns Show

Soon enough I will be having an exhibition at the Henderson Gallery in Edinburgh, of work based on writing by Robert Burns. The opening will be on the 1st of May, but it has been organised very quickly so can post more details soon.
I'm looking forward to playing with lettering and characters, this is the biggest thing I've done in a year so should be quite different I think to work with poems and stories. I am concentrating on the story of Tam O' Shanter for some of the bigger paintings.
As well as the artwork there will be music and readings.


Anonymous said...

elph versus burns.
I dinnae ken likes, I recken Rab was pretty tidy in a swedge!

looking forward to this, should be mental.

Gregor said...

Haggis and booze night?

Be there!!

Tony said...

Sounds braw. Might see if I can get a dogsitter for the night and trek through to the East.

naldo said...

Sounds barry. Tam O'Shanter's ma very fave Burns poem (though the pub in Junction Street's a bit shite).

Elph, you dinnae ken me but i'm gonna try an blag an invite to the openin.