Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Iain Laurie {The Void}

This is a drawing by Ian Laurie, I've mentioned him before on here, he has a new blog now. He draws some pretty bugged out stuff, mixing super hero comics with everyday weirdness, with some darkened humour of the funniest.
Over beers and coffees, we have discussed plans for comic books and zines that until now haven't happened for one reason or the other. But over the last wee while, well a day to be precise, we've came up with a story, it's going to be in a genre Ian has labelled 'Swordpunk'.
Obviously this is the early stages, but I'm hoping to get some pages done over the next wee while. Ian is doing the writing as I type so the ball is rolling...
Also check out the Powwkipsie blog too for more of the Laurie!

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