Sunday, July 06, 2008

Run to the Hills!

A slightly cruder animation than fridays, but quicker, this is only 4 drawings repeated, the poses completely referenced from Richard Williams book 'The Animators Survival Kit', he was the head animator on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Hopefully from reading tht book I'll be able to put up a walkcycle of one of my characters, but that might take a while to get to look good. Although the drawings below only took 10 mins, it's fun to see them move.


alanbernard said...

I love the last frame, the effects make the running look real dude. Great stuff mate! Title from Iron Maiden, perhaps? ;)

Gregor said...

I used to love watching screen tests of my animations in college. We had this old rickety VHS thing that you would film them all on. It would take ages! Once you saw it all move it was great though!