Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Favourite Super Hero

As far as comic book heroes go, I think Wolverine is my favourite, I could say I liked an obscure one but I'd be lying. The only other comic book person I remember as a kid was Rogue Trooper. After aged 13 I got into Crisis and Heavy Metal, so super heroes just seemed a bit boring after seeing European comics.
Check out this guys Wolverine Daily Blog, that's a whole lot of Bub.


Iain Laurie said...

That is PHENOMENAL,mate.One of my favouriute things you've done.Still be good to see a Batman yin though!

Iain Laurie said...

I just realised that i've used the word phenomenal twice in one week on your blog.Its not some viral marketing Irn Bru promotion just a lack of vocabarluary!

Russell, Analogue said...

i love that drawing. he looks maniacal. love the mask