Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Recoat Next Week. Flyers

Recoat flyers

Got the flyers for the Recoat Show today, came oot nae bad, the only problem is having 5000 of them!
Still got a few paintings to finish afore next week, but should be okay. Just lots of framing to get done for next friday.
Free rum courtesy of Sailor Jerry, cheers to Ali for doing the back of the flyer.
There are some sneak peaks over one the Recoat Flickr but I don't know if that's like watching a spoiler before the show starts.


mjar said...

best of luck with the show mate. Look forward to seeing some flicks. Have a fun opening and make sure you have some of that sailor jerry rum its really good.

Tony said...

If you need to offload some flyers, send a handful over to my work. Graven Images, 175 Albion Street, Glasgow G1 5PX.