Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ralph Bakshi - Wizards Poster

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Found this the other day, apparently Bakshi had ripped off Bode with these characters in this film, they still influenced a lot of writers though. Bakshi's cartoons are amazing. There is talk of Noc 167 being around in his studio, also that it wasn't so much as ripping Bode off as him being a bit of a flake, who knows.


mce said...

I remember reading that Bodé and Bakshi planned to work together on an animated film at one point, but Bodé had already died by the time he was ready to do Wizards.

Great film though, wish it was on dvd along with American Pop and Hey Good Lookin'.

minimobully said...

I am looking for the advanced teaser style B (with fairy) for Bakshi's "Wizards". Any idea where I could look besides ebay?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

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