Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pilot referencing

Been working on some pilots again, but have been getting some good reference.
Found this one of a MIG pilot ejecting. The colours are great, appparently your spinal cord shrinks one and a half inches on ejecting, oooooyah.

Also watched a mad short film about Captain Joe Kittinger's insane skydive from a couple of layers of atmosphere below outer space. It's pretty mental, have a look...

Here's a doodle I did in between, with a chunky pencil for the helmet
mig helmet man

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Gregor said...

Unbelievable footage of the skydiver there. Was he actually in genuine danger of getting sucked the other was and out into space?

I wonder if he went crazy and spat vodka into the presidents face afterwards like the other guy. Was it Uri Gagarin that did that?