Friday, October 05, 2007

Dode D Drawing

Got a new sketchbook from TK Maxx, where I also get all my Ralph Lauren and Timberland gear. It's Italian Leatherbound, with thick paper so I'm going to try to make it all in colour.
This drawing is on the 3rd page and started out as a zombie creature, but became Dode D the fabled gluesniffer of my youth, he was often seen naked high on glue running round my area chasing us with his superhuman 'glue strength' that made him run faster. He had an alsation dog too, and they were inseperable, a very harmless and often amusing duo.
When I got to my early teens, Dode D won a small amount of money on the horses, maybe £400 or so and went to the pub to celebrate, he was obviously flashing his winnings as his body was found the next day so badly beaten that the police thought he'd been in a car accident. After his funeral the dog had to be put down as it was crying so much for it's owner. May mate Romon used to say that he'd give the dog glue too.
The tunnels near my house that we later took over to make a hall of fame used to have massive emulsion letters saying DODE D, but the 'O' was a peace sign. Click the image to see Dode the full picture.
I don't think anyone was ever arrested for his murder.

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