Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finn - the new little 'elph'

the wee man
On monday night, we had a new arrival, 11 days overdue and with a lengthy labour, this little man entered the world. With very little effort from myself, just some words of encouragement and a bit of head patting and all the really hard work done by Hels. After watching so many birthing programs and reading about it before the birth it was bizrre to actually witness it in real life.
A totally amazing and scary ride it was, but it was worth it to see this wee bruiser, he looks a little like a boxer in this pic, as the forceps gave him a black eye.
Of the original and current MSC line-up he's the 6th baby in our crew although I also hear that 'JAM' had a kid lately too I think.
So sorry to anyone who's been in touch and I've been a bit slow to reply, things are running as normal again and Finn's helping me catch up with the drawings.


Gregor said...

A want tae come roond and shoot the shit wi' the wee man!!!

Concetta Barbera said...

congrats! remember noo, dinnae drop him like he's hot.
- jules

yeah buddy!! finn's a great name. just two days older than my new niece! You can sing him to sleep with your awesome drum and bass impression. :D - concetta