Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Recoat Gallery

ooooogle boooglies
It's been open a while so this will be old news for some folk, but Amy and Ali have opened a gallery in the West End of Glasgow, All the details are on the Recoat Website.
I'm hopefully going to have an exhibition there at some point early in 2008. They just did an affordable art show, where every piece was under £40, which was great that so many folk took part.

The Future is Unwritten

streets are oan fire with turnips you know
Just watched the Joe Strummer Documentary, quite a lot to take in, needs a second watch. Well worth a check if your in any way into the Clash. I never got in punk music til about 97 I think, I always thought it to be a bit junky glue sniffer, maybe because all the older punks in my area became junky gluesniffers.
Should get some more posts done soon, in between nappy changes I am still managing a bit of drawing.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Street Sketchbook - Tristan Manco

streets are oan fire with turnips you know

The new book from Tristan Manco is out now featuring over sixty-five artists worldwide are represented, including Banksy (UK), Alexander Purdy (USA), Erone (France), Joska (Germany), Blu (Italy), Laguna (Spain), Bfree (Holland), Ekta (Sweden), The Strangler (Belgium), ZBIOK (Poland) and Clayparty (Russia). I got a couple of pages in too. There's a bit more info at the website, gan hae a look, the cover from the picture looks pretty realistic!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Motherfunk Myspace

unleash the funk

Just updated the Motherfunk Myspace, there was more good tunes on it a while back. Hopefully Fryer will put some from his growing library of rare grooves. Click the image or over here to check it oot and support the funk!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finn - the new little 'elph'

the wee man
On monday night, we had a new arrival, 11 days overdue and with a lengthy labour, this little man entered the world. With very little effort from myself, just some words of encouragement and a bit of head patting and all the really hard work done by Hels. After watching so many birthing programs and reading about it before the birth it was bizrre to actually witness it in real life.
A totally amazing and scary ride it was, but it was worth it to see this wee bruiser, he looks a little like a boxer in this pic, as the forceps gave him a black eye.
Of the original and current MSC line-up he's the 6th baby in our crew although I also hear that 'JAM' had a kid lately too I think.
So sorry to anyone who's been in touch and I've been a bit slow to reply, things are running as normal again and Finn's helping me catch up with the drawings.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Carlucci- ELF MPC - R.I.P

The original ELF from New York, died a few weeks ago. Turned out he was still an active artist and was only 38 years old. It's a shame that a lot of the time you don't find out about people until they die. I heard about ELF MPC in about 1997 I think, after seeing some wholecars he painted, you can see more of his pieces over here, strangely last year I got in touch with Desism, his old painting partner who had recently met up with him after several years.
As well as being a subway writer, he was a magician, musician and performance artist. You can read more in his obituary.

Watch him perform some of his crazy magic in the clip below.

I found a short piece of writing by Carlucci's Mother after looking for some more bit's about 'ELF', it sums up pretty much all the things I've read about the man, he seemed a very open, honest and importantly free thinking creative human being, who achieved a great deal and touched a lot of people in his short time here.

Nicias said: Whatever does not kill us will make us stronger.

He was a difficult child. Difficult in the sense that he defied conventionality. He loathed the prospect of being ordinary since it was alien to the complexity of his physiology.
It was a constant struggle to be unique in a world of homogeneous people who only see things on one level. Carlucci pushed, kicked and raged against the prospect of being ordinary beyond the normal perimeters and then some. The simple truth is that he was an extraordinary human being. He shaped, prodded, manipulated an idea until it was his own—always original and ideally “Carlucci”.
One of the gifts that God bestowed on Carlucci was the uncanny ability to breathe life into inanimate objects. Whatever medium he chose, from inception to execution, the end result was nothing short of spectacular. I believe that it was also a curse because of the relentless need to create screaming to break through until it was sated.
Carlucci believed that we were all here to teach and help one another. Through his art he would make a difference, and he must use this gift. He rose to the challenge and achieved and excelled beyond even his own high expectations.
I always worried about my “starving artist” son, but Carlucci did not consider material wealth a priority. “You can’t take it with you”, he reminded me numerous times. A passage in the bible, Ecclesiastes, chapter 5, verse 15: Naked a man comes from his mother’s womb and as he comes so he departs. He takes nothing from his labor that he can carry in his hand.
It doesn’t surprise me that people whom I did not know personally have stated how Carlucci enriched their lives by his kindness and unconditional friendship.
A phrase I have heard over and over is that he was loved and respected. How many people in their entire lifetime can achieve those qualities?
What legacy has Carlucci left behind? He was special in every aspect; totally, irrevocably and unabashedly unique, blessed and treasured in every way possible.
He is my child, he is your child, he is everyone’s child, forever and ever in our hearts. His art is bigger than life itself vibrating like the sound of thunder in the sky, Carlucci and art as one.

All my love, Mom

Friday, October 05, 2007

Dode D Drawing

Got a new sketchbook from TK Maxx, where I also get all my Ralph Lauren and Timberland gear. It's Italian Leatherbound, with thick paper so I'm going to try to make it all in colour.
This drawing is on the 3rd page and started out as a zombie creature, but became Dode D the fabled gluesniffer of my youth, he was often seen naked high on glue running round my area chasing us with his superhuman 'glue strength' that made him run faster. He had an alsation dog too, and they were inseperable, a very harmless and often amusing duo.
When I got to my early teens, Dode D won a small amount of money on the horses, maybe £400 or so and went to the pub to celebrate, he was obviously flashing his winnings as his body was found the next day so badly beaten that the police thought he'd been in a car accident. After his funeral the dog had to be put down as it was crying so much for it's owner. May mate Romon used to say that he'd give the dog glue too.
The tunnels near my house that we later took over to make a hall of fame used to have massive emulsion letters saying DODE D, but the 'O' was a peace sign. Click the image to see Dode the full picture.
I don't think anyone was ever arrested for his murder.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tekkon Kinkreet

tekkon white
Just watched Tekkon Kinkreet, don't think I've seen anything that good in a long time, as inspiring as seeing Akira over 10 years ago, the landscape and characters are close to perfect. Cheers to Acorn for the headsup on this one.

Check the trailer here or the website here.