Thursday, September 13, 2007

Banjo Whackin Funk

Turned 30 the other day and one present that stood out miles was this Fender Banjo below, I'd waffled on about getting a banjo for the last few years, and can't play a note, I tuned it today and am going to learn to play bit by bit. I was informed by Rue Five last night that a banjo is actually a descendant of an African instrument brought to America through the slave trade, and was later modified later on, which is good because I feel less like the kid from Deliverence already for knowing that.
yeeeeeeee haw!


Gregor said...

You got a banjo????? Let's git ourselves a hoedown!!!!

shawn said...

Right on man. I just got a ukulele the other day not knowing a single chord and with a little practice can now play a little bit. It's a great way to kill time while paint dries.