Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Point of Impact

Wrote a big long waffle about war.
Sacked it off though as it was all hot air. I've been into army stuff since I was a child, I wanted to join the army, I wanted to go to Vietnam and kill the 'Viet Cong', strange as I live in Scotland and never even knew what the Viet Cong were, let alone where Vietnam was and why shooting poor people for no good reason wasn't big or clever. Luckily my interest in extreme machine gun violence waned at about age 11 and I got into other stuff.
Whilst soaking up other American propaganda movies I remember that in Rambo 3 he helps the Taliban take on the Russians, yes Rambo helps the TALIBAN take on the Russians. I suppose that was when they were funding the Taliban, so it was okay.
Anyways, here's a war related drawing. Click to make big

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